Microsoft Windows The Most Dominant OS on desktops

Some stats published by NetMarketShare backs this fact and shows that Microsoft's Windows has managed to improve its market share, yet again. Plus Microsoft’s main rivals including Apple with their macOS declined last month, yet again.

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Cobra951793d ago

I'm sorry, but isn't this like saying the grass is green? "Windows upped their desktop dominance" might be a more meaningful headline.

Speed-Racer793d ago

Macs are too expensive still
Grandma can't use Linux or or NIX alternatives
Android is still too basic for desktop processing

KingPin792d ago

linux has come a long way from back in the days.
and yeah if your grandma is planning on doing programming or dos related commands, sure linux is not for her. but if all shes doing is using the internet, watching movies, viewing pictures, linux is more than sufficient nowadays. linux mint especially is as easy as using windows if you doing basic-intermediate tasks.

Speed-Racer792d ago

From a learning perspective I doubt the regular grandma is going to pick it up unless someone in the family introduces it to her. Sadly the market percentage is still abysmally low so I figure most are still going to opt for windows for that very reason.

Tiqila792d ago (Edited 792d ago )

Linux is easier to use than Windows. *Edit: assuming your grandma would use one of the major distributions with Gnome or Unity desktops