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Surprisingly, people preferred CDs and vinyls over digital downloads in 2017

Thanks to The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) 2017 year-end report it is now on record that physical sales have officially taken over digital sales for the first time since 2011. Customers are going the cheaper route, and the industry is feeling it.

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I know i do. Way Better sound than digital. like games. I like a physical copy thats mine, not leased.

Cobra951449d ago

CDs sound better than MP3s, but nowhere near as good as the more modern digital recordings. The 16-bit 44KHz standard is woefully out of date, and was never good enough to fully quantify analog audio waveforms. There is a case to be made for analog vinyl records; but the moment any step in the mixing, editing or reproduction path goes digital, there is no valid reason to make the final product analog.

Cobra951449d ago

I have a feeling this odd throwback is due to the fact most of us don't even bother to buy music anymore. We have youtube and other media outlets that we can tap into without paying anyone a dime for music. It makes sense that much of the minority of the public who still wants some ownership of their music would pay for physical media containing it. But if you look at the whole picture, the vast majority of us are consuming music as streams or downloads.

OffRoadKing448d ago

So much for the digital take over.