It's time to delete Facebook, says WhatsApp co-founder

One of the co-founders of WhatsApp is speaking out against Facebook. Recent privacy issues having people speaking up against the social powerhouse.

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thorstein2084d ago

Sure. That way Whatsapp can make billions selling your data to big corporations and governments while using bots to manipulate you.

sealava2084d ago

btw , WhatsApp is owned by Facebook for those who don't know.

KnowTechie2084d ago

Yea, it says it in the article.

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Elon Musk stated if AI is doing something dangerous, we should know

Elon Musk frequently highlights the risks associated with artificial intelligence, emphasizing its potential threat to humanity's existence.

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A secret Google deal let Spotify completely bypass Android’s app store fees

Spotify’s “unprecedented” popularity justified the deal.

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12d ago

Steam VR Fest to Return in December

Steam VR Fest is to return in December offering more discounts and playable demos for VR fans. VR Developers can register now.

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