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Intel Optane 800P SSDs Out Now For Cheap

If you like fast storage, namely SSDs then you've probably heard of Intel Optane SSDs. At launch Intel offered 16GB and 32GB Optane drives for 36 and 60 USD, repectively. Now Intel has launched two new Optane 800P SSDs, aimed primarily at consumers at a cheaper (slightly cheaper) price.

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Cobra951215d ago

Looks like Intel are finally trying to get Optane where it belongs (instead of that baffling earlier decision to use it as hard-drive caching, while requiring post-Skylake motherboards). Yes, it's still more expensive than NAND SSDs. But once the superiority of 3D XPoint over NAND is understood, the price difference becomes less of an impediment. Much faster speeds, and immensely greater durability make it the current pinnacle of non-volatile storage. It needs a bit more time to cook in the market, perhaps? Soon. I can see this taking off in the near future, if Intel play their cards right.

215d ago