AMD's "security flaw disclosure" by CTS Labs under fire

AMD was hit by a sudden security flaw disclosure report by a previously unknown CTS-Labs, revealing 13 critical vulnerabilities. However things may not be as serious as it seems.

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SunnyZ269d ago

You mean if I go through the pain staking process of flashing an amd cpu and load custom firmware on, it will then be vulnerable?
Well, yeah, of course. No shit...
This is VERY different from the intel cpu problems...

Seems a tad phishy to me.

dboyman269d ago

Maybe Intel or someone associated with them hired CTS Labs to try to discredit AMD...

KingPin269d ago

CTs went from relatively unknown to known as complete trash. what a way to ruin your name while trying to make it. also i like how they claim "amd wouldnt be able to fix it in the near future" without giving AMD, the creators of the chip who know it better than anyone else, time to sort it out. also, cfw is not safe or is only as safe as its developed to be. if the cfw has holes, that means theres nothing wrong with the product off the factory floor....unless said cfw can be easily installed, which in this case, it isnt.

the best part is how "they" trying to kill off AMD after ryzen came up and gave intel a good kick in the ass. try harder haters.