Don't waste your time trying to be a full time YouTuber. 96% make less than 12k a year

With internet stars like PewDiePie, Logan Paul, Casey Neistat, and Mo Vlogs making a decent living from YouTube, more and more people are considering pursuing YouTubing as a full time career. A new study now suggests that achieving YouTube fame may be just as difficult as becoming a Hollywood star.

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AlphaCeph274d ago

I just sold all my bitcoins, so I'm set for life.

s45gr32274d ago

Don't listen to this author. I may agree that it takes a long time to be a Youtube star but youtubers can use their youtube channel as job experience. Job experience for video photography, open their own photo booth, movie/tv show actors, special effects coordinator, etc. Yes youtube is like the movies, it takes perseverance and lots of charisma to be a star. Just look at the guy that played Sheldon for the Big Bang Theory. Before he became a star, he was working for peanuts for the past 39 years (He was 40 when he started the show).

AlphaCeph273d ago

You can still pursue YouTube and still have another career to pay the bills. The title says "full time".

KingPin274d ago

thats like saying dont work hard trying to be anything because 96% earn less than you think they do.
if people had this attitude than there would be no progression. its like telling elon musk, forget space travel coz nasa already has it covered and the other 90% of people that tried failed.

AlphaCeph273d ago

Like I said above, there is a difference between full time and part time. Elon Musk does not work on SpaceX full time. He has his hand dipped in other businesses, and used Tesla to foot most of SpaceX's starting costs. It's great to talk about "perseverance" and hard work, but we should also be realistic about how we approach certain careers. The bills have to be paid in the mean time, so do it as a part time gig until you start to see consistent inflow.

KingPin273d ago

well thats the other problem, if you going to do youtube as a side gig without having the intention of doing it full time, you might not put as much effort into it knowing that even if you fail, you ok coz you have a job. however if you start off making youtube videos with the intention of making it a full time job, even if you have another job you will make the effort and work twice as much to make it work.

anybody that decides from day 1 youtube is their job is an idiot because you only start getting paid after you realistically have somewhere over 1 million subscribers/views anyways. so yeah, you cant make a channel today and expect to be paying your bills. but if i was to start a channel today and put in the hard work it takes to grow that channel, i will be able to someday make it a full time job even if 96% of people dont earn enough from it.

take all the top earning youtubers today.....none of them started off with youtube as their full-time job.

Speed-Racer273d ago

@Kingpin - both the article and study address it from that very perspective. Many people are giving up their day careers or education to start a new life on YouTube because most of them believe in getting rich quickly, which really is not the case anymore vs say 10 years ago.

KwietStorm273d ago

Don't you know everyone on the internet is an expert and knows how you should live your life?

InTheZoneAC273d ago

That guy in the thumbnail is very annoying, as are most youtubers