Oppo R15 and R15 Plus will adopt an iPhone X-like design

Whether we care to admit it or not, Apple is, and probably always will be a trendsetter. This is clearly reflected by the fact that there already are smartphones that adopted the design of the iPhone X and clearly there are more coming our way with the same notch on the upper side of the screen.

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Saadraja319d ago

Why not think out of the box same things for every company dont have thinkers in the company launch own designs why take others?

PrimeVinister317d ago

I agree.

I can understand that it's not really worth the risk of a bold new design so iterative changes are favoured.
But it is really boring and everyone's handset more or less looks the same these days.

PrimeVinister317d ago

I wish OPPO would enter the market in UK & I
Can only be bought sim-free at the moment