Mobile World Congress Continues To Prove That Smartphones Are Boring

NRM: "Mobile World Congress is just around the corner and if the recent leaks are to be believed, companies have done absolutely nothing to make smartphones remotely interesting."

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Speed-Racer289d ago

So how many ways can we really re-innovate a phone at this point? I'd like to hear your suggestions.

Brian7655492287d ago

Well there is diminishing returns on screen resolution now for most people, same with cameras, same with processor speeds. So to me all that is left is affordable pricing and battery life. That is all I really care about at this point since I don't need a powerful phone.

steven83r287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Samsung continues to do great things with phones. Looking forward to Sony reveal. If you are not interested in power and only care about battery life you could go ahead and get yourself a flip phone. New tech will always be pricey. You can't complain about battery life with HD screens and constant web surfing, pictures, videos and more.

steven83r288d ago

So you expect Samsung to revolutionize a phone every year and probably praise Apple for doing nothing since 2008. Adding a notch at the top isn't revolutionary.

SquishyGorilla286d ago

Do feel free to name a point during the entire article where I “praise Apple” or specifically “expect Samsung” to revolutionise every year. This is not meant to be a direct attack on any company, more a general statement that as smartphones become less like gadgets and more like appliances, the developments between iteration have slowed and smartphones in general are pretty boring, lifeless slates.