Batteries, Not The Model 3, Are The Real Keys To Tesla's Future Success

Batteries are really what Tesla is all about — not the media-loving, mass market Model 3, not Roadsters, not falcon-wing doors, and certainly not the hyperloop.

Batteries are the keys to completing a worldwide transition to a clean energy economy, and Tesla, with all its entrés to date into increased battery storage capacity, will really have to step up its game to dominate the market share as CEO Elon Musk has publicly envisioned.

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Cobra9511861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Batteries don't generate power; they only store it. The power must still be generated elsewhere, and dumped into banks of batteries, from where it can then be put to work (moving electric vehicles, lighting buildings, etc). The sun is a true source of power, but harnessing it in the scale needed to make up for the power deficit all those hungry batteries will need in an all-electric transportation system is highly unlikely anytime soon. So what we'll be left with if electric cars are pushed on the consumer too soon is more fossil fuels getting burned to generate all that extra electricity, plus a future full of hundreds of millions of dead lithium-ion batteries, and all that means to the environment when many of them don't get recycled properly.