Best Buy is pulling the axe on physical CDs

Will other popular retailers like Target be next?

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3-4-5307d ago

why? Were they in your way or something? How big are you?

Seriously though, this sucks. One of the last places I could get physical cds for.

O well...I'll just stick to online like amazon for physical cds then.

Averyashimself307d ago

Probably because customers are incredibly annoying about you finding the last copy of their rare cd that a store has on hand.

2pacalypsenow307d ago

Oh no someone’s making you do your job.

Brian7655492306d ago

This is great news for independant sellers.

CoryHG306d ago

@Brian7655492 Yeah my town doesn't have independent sellers unless someone is on tour. And most of the bands that come through my area suck.

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plmkoh307d ago

Yes shame on customers asking a paid employee to provide customer service. Maybe that's why physical stores are doing so fantastic these days.

Lord_Sloth306d ago

While I understand your pain of having to find the CDs you and I both know the questions will never cease. They'll just shift to whatever medium replaces music CDs or questions as to why we're getting rid of them and why I chose to personally harm them in this way. I got a phone call today from a panic stricken elderly woman asking me if it was true just minutes after her news channel told her such. I had no idea and it was the 1st I'd heard of it.

She then wanted to know if it would be wise to "stock up"....

franwex307d ago

They’ll still carry vinyl right?
I know that sounds kinda ironic.

kevnb306d ago

If I wanted to collect something physical it would be vinyl.

The_KELRaTH306d ago

and replacing with vinyl 😂

306d ago