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Trump wanting to end NASA's funding for ISS in 2025 is no surprise

If you're a space geek, you may have heard that the Trump Administration is finalizing their plans to end financial support for the International Space Station (ISS) by 2025. Even though it may seem like another blow from the current president, plans were well in the works for ISS' decommission before the Trump era.

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Speed-Racer1332d ago

The ISS definitely has made its mark but I guess we're on to new ventures!

ravinash1329d ago

Considering it's been around since 1998, it's be 27 years old by that time.
They have to pull the plug on it at some point.

KillZallthebeast1332d ago

I have a feeling this article is anti trump before I even read it, but he has been a huge support of space exploration.

PhantomS421332d ago

He probably believes the Earth is flat, the moron.

EazyC1331d ago

Where in god's name did you get that idea?

1331d ago
OffRoadKing1332d ago

Obama killed NASA and any real hope of meaningful space exploration after forming The Augustine Commission, long before Trump became president, but we've all conveniently forgotten about that I'm sure.

EazyC1331d ago

Even though I don't agree with some of his policies I do feel sorry for him - he's damned to a legacy of shame thanks to the media.

iofhua1332d ago

27 years isn't bad. That's a lot longer than Mir lasted.

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