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Man buys £3,000 Bitcoin mining machine; gets copy of Boss Baby DVD instead

One UK resident was almost scammed out of £3,000 after he tried to purchase a Bitcoin mining machine, but instead received a DVD copy of Boss Baby.

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Speed-Racer2075d ago

LOL. Sorry this guy had to go through this even though he might have also had to spend quite a bit of time to mine before he saw any returns worth talking about.

Speed-Racer2074d ago

I don't need to do it to know that Bitcoin mining doesn't make sense at this point as an individual.

DarkZane2074d ago

I don't even feel sorry for the guy. Crypto miners are the worst scum ever and they're the reason video cards prices have gone up significantly.

lindquist2074d ago

Thats really agressive. If they buy a lot of video cards, the prices might go down - which can be good for other people.

General Shrooms2074d ago

Miners are buying cards in droves, supply is down, prices are up. Cards are selling $200+ msrp right now.

Cobra9512074d ago

Try up to 3X MSRP, not just +$200.

feedurhabit2074d ago

Mate guys like this buying prebuilts with a single graphics card aren't the reason prices are going up, it's people buying 10+ cards at a time to go into the makeshift mining farms they've setup in their dad's shed.

EazyC2074d ago

That's ridiculous, how can you blame someone for trying to make a bit of money? The onus is on manufacturers to equate demand with their supply, not blame those buying it.

KingPin2074d ago

i may be biased here but somehow hearing bad things happen to crypto-miners makes me laugh.


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