iPhone owner traumatized after police barged into his home and arrested him over mistaken identity

One iPhone X customer and his wife were left traumatized and physically injured after a major run in with the police over a case of mistaken identity.

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Speed-Racer268d ago

Damn. Apply ain't playing! But they better get to paying because of the mix up. I'm sure this guy's next phone is going to be an Android.

2pacalypsenow268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

Lol this was the Police departments fault, not Apples.

But nice try.

I wish this happened to me, the police department have a nice lawsuit coming, especially if it affects this guys job

Speed-Racer268d ago

Partially their fault for saying a purchased phone was stolen. Not really sure how the excess force bit came in, but at the end of the day, Apple is still gonna get some crap for it.

AlphaCeph268d ago

SFPD and Apple should reimburse them for the damages. I smell a lawsuit!

Cobra951268d ago

Those are the actions of a militarized police state. Even if there was a stolen iPhone, such brutal entry and assault into a civilian home is completely unjustifiable in a free society.

KwietStorm268d ago

Exactly. Never in my life have I heard of police busting in like SWAT in a drug raid over a phone. Who the hell authorized this?

Software_Lover268d ago

But you will find people that are okay with this. Sad.

rocketpanda267d ago

Smashing a person's door in because of some alleged stolen phone! Excessive doesn't even start to state how ridiculous this is.