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The NSA was light years ahead of Siri and Alexa with voice recognition technology: Report

For technology users who have marveled at the ability of Siri or Alexa to recognize their voice, consider this: The National Security Agency has apparently been way ahead of Apple or Amazon.

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windblowsagain1180d ago

A crashed Spacecraft in 1931, when NSA got inside they found tech not invented and found wires with lights at the end.

Fibre optics.

OffRoadKing1180d ago

They also found tin foil that's used to make your hat.

1Victor1180d ago

Ugh another one of those we are alone in the universe type that look at the night sky and say wow the electric bill to lighten all that must be huge

Speed-Racer1180d ago

Out of all the tech they found, their big takeaway was fiber optics?

Cobra9511179d ago

Light-years. Like parsecs, they're a unit of distance, not time. (Don't bother George Lucas about the Kessel Run. He's probably suffered enough.) Now, I realize that distance can be used as a stand-in for time, when adding some hyperbolic emphasis. "The NSA was miles ahead of Siri and Alexa" works here too. I just wanted to make sure the facts were understood.

windblowsagain1179d ago

They also found chicken nuggets not made with chicken.

Craft was revolving at the bottom. I don't know everything they found, Point was that was in 1931. Before roswell.

Hey man if you think we are alone. You better run out and buy another apple product with all the other sheeple.

yomfweeee1179d ago

Well if they used this to capture Saddam (which was in 2003), shouldn't they say it has been in use since at least 2003 instead of 2006.