Why Shouldn't You Be Excited About The GeForce Now

Nvidia's new game streaming service, GeForce Now will help you to play high-demanding games on low-end computers. But there is a catch,

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Cobra951267d ago

I'm hate the very idea of streamed gaming. So you don't have to convince me.

Software_Lover267d ago

........... I'm not impressed. Paying an hourly premium?

s45gr32267d ago

Limited to Europe and US despite Asian countries having the fastest internet connection in the planet lol. Pay for hour sections. NVIDIA failed big time and is time to get our head out of the water and face the fact that Asia is on par or better than the west when it comes to technology

Vasto267d ago

Only interested if its coming from the console I have invested in.

Something like PSNow but with every game I already own available to play at no extra cost.

Asuka267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

not worth it. hourly charges. NA/EU only. Let alone most of continental NA is still on Broadband DSL and does not have reliable speeds so streaming services like this will perform extremely poorly

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