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YouTube drastically changes its Partner Policy

In what has been a shock to many, YouTube has this morning adjusted their monetisation programme, in which content creators partner with YouTube to make money off advertisements shown on their videos. Full Sync investigates what has changed, and how it affects smaller content creators.

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Speed-Racer276d ago

So small youtubers pay the prices because of the jack*** called Logan Paul? I mean ok, it's not like they were earning a lot to begin with, but to fully take away the benefits?

JoshFullSyncGaming276d ago

It's very harsh indeed, most people will probably be leaving for alternative sites. Someone suggested to me that Amazon should jump in on this and set up their own platform. God knows they have the money for it.

plmkoh276d ago

Amazon does have this, it's called Twitch.

Except they've been blowing up opportunities at every turn, just like Youtube.

JoshFullSyncGaming276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

@plmkoh True, they do have Twitch but it's mainly gamer based. There are a lot of content creators who do stuff like makeup tutorials, toy reviews, tips on raising kids, etc and so they wouldn't see that as a viable alternative.

NordicRainy276d ago

This isn't because of him. Phillip DeFranco explains it pretty well in his recent video.

JoshFullSyncGaming276d ago

It won't all be because of one person no, but because of what has happened, everyone will be jumping aboard that train and going along with it.

Speed-Racer276d ago

@Nordic - Definitely. I mean we know YouTube has been in turmoil for quite some time, but I'm certain Logan Paul's latest stunt added to them pushing this change. I mean, it we look at most of his content, it's pretty much trashy, and somehow he managed to climb his way to the top.

PhantomS42276d ago

Phillip was also defending Logan Paul during that whole craziness, saying LP's clearly fake and hallow "apology" video was sincere. Phil preaches about delivering the facts but he is biased as hell and it shows. Take the Daddy of Five stuff, he started a witch hunt because of the child abuse in their videos when DO5 defense was "It was just a joke"...a witch hunt starts because Shane Dawson admits in an interview where the person interviewing is clearly uncomfortable that he found children on Instagram "sexy" and searched child porn but defends it as "it was just a joke" Phil defends him because they are best buddies. Youtube even states that this is because of "bad actors", Logan Paul is a terrible actor...and let's be honest 95% of major YouTubers are terrible actors that create terrible content. They are the ones freaking out but they are the ones that are more than safe. Not to mention their biggest argument "how will I pay bills if I don't get ad revenue", well don't rely on Youtube to pay your bills. One thing I did agree with DeFranco on was Youtube shouldn't be a primary income, a second job at best. All these Youtubers crying that they can't pay their staff like editors, scriptwriters, actors, researchers, set designers, additional rent for a studio...just to make a video that looks like you sat down in front of a webcam and hit record, if you need all that for a simple video then you shouldn't be making videos. Make your own, it only takes one person...this isn't a major movie studio.

R3DRAIN89276d ago

Youtube can Kiss My A**. Favoritism towards popular deuce bags. But make it more harder for those trying to make it.