What’s behind the Intel design flaw forcing numerous patches?

There's obviously a big problem, but we don't know exactly what.

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KingPin822d ago

i think this flaw isnt only intel chips by the look of it. i read another article that said intel is working with AMD to help find a solution as well. google and MS are working with them as well. clearly this is something bigger than they letting on i think. but lets just hope they can sort this out as quick as possible.

Cobra951822d ago

Each time I go read more on this, I get a different story on AMD. "AMD is immune." "AMD getting the shaft by OS devs flagging all x86's as insecure." And "AMD are not immune after all." I'm waiting for the dust to settle before I do *anything*, including allowing Windows to choke my CPU. It's not like this vulnerability just popped up out of nowhere. We've been living with it for quite a while in blissful ignorance, and I can live with it a bit longer.

kevnb822d ago (Edited 822d ago )

Once it’s patched folks will know what the bug is.

KingPin821d ago

from everything i read and stuff, it seems like intel has a hardware problem while AMD and ARM could be software patched. it has something to do with how the cpu architecture if im not mistaken. but yeah, seems worse for intel because there is only so much software can do to fix a hardware issue. AMD and ARM though seem to be on the right end of this fortunately for them.

SunnyZ821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

Yeah Intel has the MAIN problem which will affect their hardware more severely, amd and arm still have a similar problem, but theirs can be more easily patched with less effect to the hardware speed.

ALL cpu's have this fault, but Intels is harder to fix as it is hardware based which is harder to fix, the software fix is more detrimental to overall hardware speed.