Social media "Fear Of Missing Out" detrimental to our mental well-being

A new study indicates that the social media "Fear Of Missing Out" phenomenon can have a negative impact on our lives as we look on and compare ourselves to others, and think that their social lives are better and more exciting than ours.

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KingPin291d ago

social media: comparing other peoples highlights to your behind-the-scenes.

only small minded people get affected by things like this.

Deadpoolio291d ago

The hilarious thing is the idiots that film everything and snap pictures of everything and then tweet them out are too stupid to realize that none of their friends really give a crap about any of that but are too nice to say anything about it.....Some of the ones that comment about how great your lunch looks are probably just responding to it, hoping that means you wont feel the need to tweet any further pictures of it because someone responded.

KingPin291d ago

what i find funny is that some people try so hard to make it look like they have exciting lives by posting almost daily everything they doing....but how busy or fun of a life could you have when you always have time to look at your phone and sit on social media to make sure you get it out there.

guess people who like their privacy in 2018 have no life because in todays times its "pic or it never happened" lol