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Apple apologizes for iPhone slow down; offers battery replacement for $29

After lots of press blow back, Apple has finally given in to the whole battery fiasco, issuing a letter of apology to its customers. They have also significantly slashed replacement battery prices, even for units out of warranty.

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Speed-Racer293d ago

Took them way too long to address this.

castdreams293d ago

$29? An Iphone 6s+ has a 2750 mah battery. I bought a 2600 mah battery pack at Target for $5. They can sell it at that price AFTER manufacturing, packaging, shipping and paying store employee costs and still make a profit. Maybe Apple adds a little bit of extra circuitry into their batteries to make them "more advanced", but $29 is frankly a ridiculous price to charge for a battery replacement, let alone the $79 they charge when they're not giving you a "special discount". Smh. Apple is a complete disgrace.

Protagonist293d ago

Apple has always been overpriced tech.

kevnb293d ago

Which other tech company is offering battery replacements for $29?

Ben Dover292d ago


Which other tech company is slowing down older products on purpose?


KingPin292d ago

the better question would be "which company would have to offer such a thing after intentionally damaging them?"

aaaaaannd your answer is.......