Should Amazon Use Self Driving Robots To Deliver Packages?

Why Is Amazon So Interested in Self Driving Robots?

Amazon is pouring an enormous amount of time, money, and other resources into robots. This is because Amazon has optimized its processes over and over, meaning that its best chances for improving them lies in new techniques and technologies. One excellent example is self driving robots, but it should be noted that the retail titan is interested in other robots as well, so much so that it seems as though it is intending to robotize much of its revenue-earning operations. Something that promises to further strengthen its position in its chosen market.

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Speed-Racer1068d ago

I feel like you're asking a question with an obvious answer here. Sure it's coming, once they work out the ramifications of safety.

woodtock1068d ago

But is it right to fire several thousand workers for self driving robots?

Speed-Racer1068d ago

That's life, buddy. Every time there is a major revolution or new age, there are going to be some casualties. However, it's up to them to re-skill themselves in the mean time.

KingPin1066d ago doesnt matter if its right or wrong. low skilled positions will soon be done by machines anyways. given time and an improvement to AI, skilled jobs will also soon be under threat.

but if you think its wrong for robots to take away thousands of jobs, please speak up to remove all traffic lights from every intersection in your city and hire someone to control traffic. how many people could use an income from that job alone. i dont hear you complaining about that. keep in mind, before traffic lights came along, that really used to be a humans job.

bluefox7551066d ago

"Should we build the automobile if it means the wagon makers will lose their jobs?"
Technology advances, creating new jobs, and causing old ones to be obsolete. What is the alternative? Stop innovating so people don't have to update their skill sets?

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