AT&T Lays Off Up to 1400 Employees Just Before Christmas

News: Up to 1400 AT&T employees are getting coal in their stocking courtesy of AT&T. The installers tell the New York Post they received pink slips desp

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diesoft570d ago

After trying to soak up the good press with those $1,000 bonuses...

Deadpoolio569d ago

no the 1 time bonus was to distract from the firings....Those 1 time bonuses were also probably for the higher ups only not their average low level employee

Nodoze569d ago

Every corporation has no soul and worships MONEY only. if you think companies are delusional. Money is the only thing they understand. Also those bonuses more than likely went to the mid tier management that was cutting these jobs.

thorstein569d ago

...and they have convinced the average American that unions are no good.