How to tell if your PC is being used to mine cryptocurrency

Here is how to tell if your computer is being used to secretly mine a cryptocurrency.

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Speed-Racer2101d ago

This trend is quite worrying!

AlphaCeph2101d ago

Ya. it's becoming quite popular even with the big sites

KingPin2101d ago

just one more reason why adblock and script blocks are more of a need than a want.
thank god for avg as well. whatever slips through the blockers gets detected by that so im fairly well protected from mining scripts.

R6ex2101d ago

I've enabled the "No Coin" extension. Hopefully it'll help.

Cobra9512101d ago

NoScript is the number one reason I still use Firefox for random browsing instead of Chrome. White-listing sites and scripts manually can be a chore. But the payoff is more than worth it.

thorstein2100d ago

I've got Coin Hive blocker for Chrome. What is avg? Is that Firefox only?

KingPin2100d ago

AVG is AVG FREE antivirus for windows.

in my books it is the best free AV out there mostly because ive been using it for the best part of 2 decades and still havent had any serious virus issues and by the looks of things, they are also one of the first to block mining scripts

thorstein2096d ago

Thank you. I also picked up No Script Suite which is amazing and incredibly user friendly.

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Heavenly King2101d ago

I have another question. How can I use my own PC for cryptocurrency mining for myself??

blacktiger2100d ago

Download any crypto mining app/software


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