Chinese woman unlocks colleague's iPhone X through Face ID

Upon its launch, Apple claimed its Face ID is so secure that even high-quality masks such as those used in Hollywood movies couldn’t trick its security system.
However, the woman who has been identified by her last name Yan contacted Apple when her colleague unlocked her iPhone using her face even though the Face ID was configured and activated by Yan for herself.
At the time of publishing the article, HackRead had no official statement by Apple. However the company told HuffPost it is possible that “both women may have used the phone during its “passcode training” and that the phones may have been essentially “taught” to recognize both faces.”

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s45gr32329d ago

Epic fail. Fingerprint scanner wins. In all seriousness, Apple should incorporate both fingerprint scanner and face id to secure the phone

AlphaCeph329d ago

This. Facial recognition is still too premature in my books. At least they make a disclaimer and say it can't be used in court.

SunnyZ329d ago

Oh no, now the iPhone reckons all Asian people look alike?
That's lacist!