Uber charges Toronto rider $14,400 for a 20-minute rush hour ride

Surge pricing rears its ugly head for one unfortunate Canadian.

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freshslicepizza673d ago

Don't they let you know upfront before paying what the fee will be? Uber has changed the industry because of all the problems with cabs. Hard to get, some refuse to give you a ride to certain places, more chances of being ripped off (for the driver).

yomfweeee673d ago

They do in the US at least. Uber did say there was an "error" so maybe they weren't shown that price at the beginning.

Cyro673d ago

They do in Canada too. One of the things I love about Uber over getting a taxi.

Veneno673d ago

And i was thinking of Toronto as a summer vacation this year. Welp not any more i guess!

SunnyZ673d ago (Edited 673d ago )

Mistook a decimal point for a comma.
I know in Germany they do it like $14,40 instead of $14.40 for Fourteen Dollars and Forty Cents. Where as that comma is taken as a currency triple digit separator, not a decimal (dollar/cent separator), so computer sees it as Fourteen THOUSAND four hundred dollars.