How The End Of Net Neutrality Will Affect Gamers

We have been enjoying the internet as intended, with net neutrality.

So what is net neutrality? It's the concept that those who provide internet (ISPs), give consumers the access and rights to visit websites freely. Any website can be viewed, whether it is YouTube, Facebook or Buzzfeed.

This has always been the goal and intentions behind the internet. With net neutrality, internet service providers are regulated to ensure that they follow the procedures outlined above.

If net neutrality is disbanded, ISPs like Verizon or Comcast could restrict website access, essentially charging users even more money to visit specific sites. So, for example, Comcast may charge a user $3.99 extra to use YouTube, and then another $3.99 for access just to Netflix. And, that's in addition to the subscription fees for Netflix.

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BenjaMan64364d ago

The ones who would benefit the most from this would be businessmen, wouldn't they? It would also be a way to control flows of information and free speech. But it's not like the current US President would want to do things like those, would he? /s.

woodtock363d ago

I hope not. If net neutrality ends on December 14th, Mr trump might not acquire a second term presidency

Deadpoolio363d ago

Do you just not get it. Trump is a moron, he is literally the stupidest, shadiest President in existence....He's literally done NOTHING in the first 324 days of his administration. The tax plan is ONLY going to benefit the rich and corporations, just so they can cut medicade,medicare and social security on top of 13 million losing their health insurance when he signs that tax bill. He made it easier for mentally ill people to get guns. He ended regulations making it so that corporations like the Koch brothers can go back to polluting the water and air. on top of cutting between 50-90% of national park lands in likely so they can be strip mined and drilled. He has said that maybe its time to turn off the internet in the US, he and his slezebag swamp turds are totally for ending net neutrality. And the morons who voted for him just love getting crapped on so the hardcore trumpies are already saying that ending net neutrality would be a great thing for the country because it creates competition straight from Faux Noise and Republikkkan talking points. Its done, literally nobody is going to stop it with them having the majority in the house, senate and holding the white house.

Inzo363d ago

Stock market is up, economy is stronger than its been in two decades, renewed relations with China, tax reform which will benefit the the avg American and most importantly the largest drop in unemployment since Bush first took office. Yip, Trump has done nothing................ except accomplished more in less than a year than what Obama did in 8 years. Nice try though.

ravinash363d ago

Sorry, but no...
Trump is selling everyone else out from healthcare to social services and the environment just to make businesses happy, so of course the stock market is up,. they got their man on the inside now.
The Tax reform is based on the idea that if you tax the rich less, the money will trickle down to those underneath. That's proven to be wrong, as companies will only expand when there are more customers. otherwise they just sit on that money congratulating themselves on how successful they are.
Interesting view on renewed relations with China... is that based on pissing them off once a month and then kissing up to them the next?

Inzo363d ago

Sorry, but yes...

"just to make businesses happy"

mmmmm Let me think, what do businesses do that are happy? oh thats right, they hire people. But of course the left does not care about trivial things like employment right?
Your arguments are baseless, nothing has been proven wrong about the tax reform which got a large majority vote and even FakeNewsNetwork agreed that it could benefit the avg American.

The Stock market is up because the economy is growing and it has had a steady upward curve since Trump took over way before the tax reform. Under Obama the American economy barley hit 1.9%, under Trump its at 3.1% and analysts are expecting it to hit 4% early next year. A stronger economy means more jobs, more jobs means happier people, happier people means Trump will get elected for a second term.

Trump has renewed relations with China, fact.

The fact of the matter is Trump is cleaning up Obama's mess that he left behind. speaking of Obama, this guy is so out of it he just took credit and congratulated himself for the growth in the economy under Trump, LOL. If anything, Democrats are funny, I'll give you that.

ravinash363d ago

"nothing has been proven wrong about the tax reform which got a large majority vote".
It got a large majority vote because it's part of the republican platform to reduce taxes, and the republics control most of the house.
Maybe your right and a large number of businesses will re-invest that money and create jobs, there must be some indications that this works because it's the go to policy for any Conservative/republican government around the world.

I try to keep myself as center as possible (neither swaying to far to the left or the right).
I don't want companies to get bogged down in too much regulation but at the same time understand the importance of it.
When you look at the history of what some of the ultra rich do, moving money off shore to avoid taxes etc, you have to question their ethics.
If you think that lowing the taxes will get these people creating jobs, great. back make sure the money is going to do that rather than ending up in some off shore bank account.

Stringerbell363d ago

@Ravinash tax reform can be fixed. If this (end of net neutrality passes) it will be damn near hard to put the lid back on Pandora's box. Lets press the issue at hand. Why is a president who markets himself as an outsider, for the people, pro free speech, anti PC etc etc ok with dismantling a free, fair, and open internet in exchange for gate keeping, and corporate control? How is this a good thing? ISP's provide nothing more than access to the internet, why is he going to allow them to dictate what the internet is? In what way shape or form does this benefit the American people? It doesn't. Nobody wants this. An overwhelming majority of Americans have rejected this. Yet it is still on schedule to happen. How about we take away the President's twitter (yeah right) for a week and show him the consequences of what he is advocating for? I'd give the guy full credit for doing the right thing. But no. He will go down as the President that killed the internet. But MAGA right?

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KingPin363d ago

the only people who benefit from this are the guys on top.
who suffers is literally everyone else.
not to mention, the internet will be so closed off because only those sites who make deals with ISPs will be shown over those that dont. the internet will be going from over a billion pages of information to hundreds.......because progress.