Comcast deleted net neutrality pledge the same day FCC announced repeal

Three-year-old "no paid prioritization" pledge was suddenly removed.

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dantesparda570d ago

These corporations and politicians are the most dishonest and deceitful and straight up liars in the world!

lodossrage570d ago

Well, that's what the people get for voting a lunatic like Donald Trump into the office. Now he's appointing all his corrupt friends to positions they have NO business being in, such as Ajit Pai. Only Trump would nominate a Verizon lawyer to head the FCC.

The ONLY ones that like this are ISP companies. The customer damn sure doesn't want this. And any company that sells products online, has a website, streams services, start ups, etc despise this as well.

I don't care how much anyone hates Hillary Clinton, but next time people need to be "less stupid" when they vote.

TeamIcoFan570d ago


S2Killinit570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

As much as I agree with what you are saying, please dont politicize this issue, the last thing we need is to be divided on this issue because of political differences. We ALL need to make sure the ISP’s dont get to do this to us.

I swear if they drop Neutrality rules im cancelling my cable tv. These politicians are getting too corrupt. They’ve all but officially dropped any disguise they had of representing the people.

Harkins1721570d ago

I’ll vote trump again. But I don’t want this FCC crap. Other policies sure. This nope.

dcbronco570d ago

I hate losing net neutrality as much as the next person but keep things in perspective. Hillary would be bombing half our allies after running out of neutral nations. She would have left net neutrality in place but opened the flood gates for banks and wall street too. The only intelligent vote was for Bernie Sanders or any non Democrat or Republican. Hillary would have participated in the things Trump just takes orders on. He's too stupid to make his own decisions. And remember Obama and putting former Goldman Sachs executives in charge of anything to do with finance. This is nothing new. Democrats and Republicans as usual.

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Deadpoolio570d ago

This is what happens when people vote for a brain dead moron like Trump for President. Of course he was going to get rid of net neutrality. His billionaire buddies want it gone, he's done absolutely nothing else but help them. His tax plan gives them major tax breaks, made it ok for corporations to dump their chemicals in the air and water again, bout to take 14 million people's health care and makes sure that the ISPs can profit off the internet.....Drain the swamp, more like skim the turds from the swamp and give them jobs....

blackblades570d ago

Only the people can make a change but seems like we ain't doing sh!t about it. Then you got idiots being brainwash and manipulated still backing the liars and the dishonest making the situation even worst.

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WelkinCole570d ago

I still don't understand why corporations need more power than they already have. Same way the new tax cuts for super wealthy is useful for people that don't really need it.