Hollywood fights back against Kodi streaming add-ons

Major US and UK studios, broadcasters, and content providers hit Kodi with a major blow after forcing the service to take down popular add-ons urlresolver, metahandler, Benny, DeathStreams, and Sportie

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kevnb334d ago

"fully loaded" boxes ruined it for everyone, oh well if you are smart you can just go to the sources the add ons are scrapping from.

glenn1979334d ago


thejigisup333d ago

There is incredible overhead to produce television programming. Piracy is destroying the entertainment industries. People want prices to remain low, that doesnt happen when theft is involved.

bow2yoda333d ago

hollywood is robing you blind.... wake up my dude.

KingPin332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

so you would suggest they keep producing content on smaller budgets, make less profit and keep costs to consumers low as possible. if thats the case, lets all go back to silent, black and white movies with no special effects...avengers would be made on the same budget as chubby rain.

OT: the thing people have to learn about piracy is, kill one site, ten are born.