Smaller smartphones might come back, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini

While the tendency nowadays is to squeeze large displays into reasonable-size bodies, there are lots of smartphone users who would still prefer to have a powerful yet small handset. Apple was among the last smartphone manufacturers to deliver smartphones of reasonable sizes, but now it seems that Samsung will also get back in the game.

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pressjudge341d ago

That would be great the 5.7 size was the best

KingPin340d ago

about time....
personally i did feel sometimes bigger screens were a waste. i mean its not like people be watching full length movies on their mobiles all the time. and for those that want to do that, theres another device that does that and everything a phone can do, its called a tablet.

Ibi339d ago

I totally agree with you. Sometimes it's just uncomfortable to carry a huge smartphone around all day. It doesn't fit normally in a pocket, and I rarely need the large screen.