Microsoft employee installs Chrome during demo because Edge keeps crashing

Microsoft has recently uploaded a video of a presentation on how potential clients can migrate their applications, data and workloads to Microsoft Azure. Unfortunately or hilariously (depending on who you ask), the presentation didn’t go quite as expected.

quenomamen2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

lol, Windowz

CrimzonRazor2149d ago

If your site thinks this is news worthy you may need to find new jobs.

CrimzonRazor2149d ago

Rather then lolz like a child maybe you should think about something's first. It could have been a issue with the device and not the browser. Like a driver out of date, or a virus on the device this is just two of many problems that could cause a browser to not work as intented. But either way use of a browser is a lame news story.

SunnyZ2149d ago

Internet Explorer deserves our respect and admiration.
Without it we would be unable to download and install a better browser.

AuraAbjure2149d ago

Why is Msft edge so unstable? It is a Windows issue or what?


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