NASA press release says our solar system has a 9th planet

A massive planet is the best explanation for the bizarre behavior of distant objects.

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2pacalypsenow2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

"Earlier this month, NASA issued a press release stating that it’s likely that our solar system has a ninth planet—even if it’s proving difficult to find."

So NASA is just gonna say random things without finding them?

jukins2242d ago

It's not so much random as it is a good guess based on proven science

1nsomniac2242d ago

Seeing as we stole all our intelligence of our planets from the Egyptians & Greeks in the first place. Them finally agreeing that there may well be a 9th planet like they always said there was is not so shocking.

It’s just that our recent generations always think they’re more intelligent & superior to previous. If they couldn’t find it then it absolutely could not exist & if you believed it was there you were crazy somehow.

Lamboomington2242d ago


Those past civilizations had a lot to give, but we've moved way past that now. And no, it's not some silly superiority complex. It's the simple fact that we know much, much, much more about the world than they did.

bluefox7552242d ago

What about the massive amount of knowledge we have beyond what was passed down from earlier civilizations? Did we steal those too?

Lamboomington2242d ago

No, NASA just said that a ninth planet is likely given certain observations. This isn't just saying 'random things' without finding them. It's putting forth predictions and explanations based on things you observe.

If I remember correctly this is what led to the discovery of other planets in our solar system. Scientists noticed gravitational behaviour/orbits that seemed off, which indicated the presence of another large body. Then they looked and found the corresponding planet.

Stringerbell2242d ago

That doesn't even need to be said. If you have been on these sites long enough the stories that are hot ie the ones that the N4G crowd see are always chock full of moronic comments, every time.

coolbeans2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

It's not like they're just spouting this off a whim. They're stating their openness to the increasing likelihood based off the current evidence they have.

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dcbronco2242d ago

While this doesn't bother me, it is weird that a thing talked about on radio shows for decades has come true. Science has denied the possibility of a huge planet in our system hidden from us. But for decades it was prophesized that it could destroy us and low and behold here it is. Potentially. Just in time for a sudden rush to colonize Mars. Where's Art Bell?

DrRobotnik2242d ago

Niburu, it's sitting behind the sun.


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