Pixel 2 vs iPhone 8 - Did Google Just ‘Out-Apple’ Apple?

Google has announced the Pixel 2 -their flagship to beat the iPhone 8 and iPhone X - with attention to design, subtle nuances and hardware/software interplay you expect from an iPhone announcement. Has the search giant just outshined Apple?

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Speed-Racer1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

iPhone X is yet to be released. Guess we will see then. However, that's tech for you. Companies are always going to one-up each other and I think the 8 and 8 Plus were not huge steps forward from the 7 and 7 Plus. If my Pixel didn't fail, I would have just kept it and waited for the Pixel 3. I also purchased an 8 Plus to trial for the next year or so. I actually didn't go back to the Google path because their hardware has let me down sooo many times.

- Nexus 1 (battery life plummeted in less than a year)
- Nexus 4 (back/home button strip failed after 5 months)
- Nexus 5 (quickly became outdated due to 2GB RAM limitation and stuttered if I had too many apps installed)
- Pixel XL (volume rocker/power board malfunctioned resulting in a bootloop)

I don;t live in the US, so returning these devices would have been extremely pricey. Weh.

SquishyGorilla1035d ago

All common problems with the Google line of phones - I was lucky that my Nexus 4 worked perfectly fine! It's true the 8 and 8 Plus aren't the significant steps over the 7 to be worthy of purchase (I'd question if it's better enough than the 6S I used to have, even). But as with all Apple products, it's always worth giving their new products a year and settling for the second generation. The iPhone X is futuristic as hell, but does have some UI issues to deal with (i.e. Face ID).