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KingPin656d ago

lmfao this is hilarious...i thought this wasnt needed.
where are all the "how often do you listen to music and charge your phone at the same time" commentators now?

looks like plenty people do that if they decided to sell the phone with such an adapter

Speed-Racer655d ago

Sooo I bought the 8 Plus. Didn't realize until after that you need to buy a separate USB-C to Lightning cable + a power brick to plug it into to benefit from fast charging. Total additional cost ... $75. I would have thought that would have been an out of the box feature as a selling point. Guess I'll stick to my regular USB charger then.

ChrisW655d ago

That dongle is huge! Seriously, they could easily make it half the size and still have room for another port.

KingPin655d ago

they have to make the dongle huge......if they made it smaller people would ask the question "well why didnt you build it into the phone in the first place. it wouldve fitted fine."
this way its to exaggerate the size of the port so blind people would be like "yeah, i can see why they removed it from the phone to start with, its huge."

its all about relativity and marketing tactics....two things apple does better than anyone else.