Bill Gates switches to Android phone

The Microsoft co-founder reveals he does not use a Windows-powered smartphone.

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neoragex382d ago

Thats's honesty right there. LOL

thorstein382d ago

It's too bad it didn't take off. I love the features, but it would be great to get not only Cortana on the Droid but other features like: No bloatware and the ability to uninstall anything. I love that I can take video and pictures etc and share it with my PC in seconds without having to hook it up or have any stupid bloatware downloaded onto my PC (iTunes).

SunnyZ381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

Holy shit iphones and itunes are cancer.

My mums friend simply wanted to transfer photos from her iphone to her computer.
So plug it in, windows has photo import feature, only found 60 photos, there were like 3,000 pics on the phone.
So i installed itunes, aagin only found and synced 60 pics.
Apparently if you have icloud or some such shit, if your photos have already been uploaded to the website, the phone will refuse to sync the pics to your computer if they are marked as having been uploaded to icloud...

So went to iclouds website, could only download ONE PHOTO AT A TIME,
Eventually found out you could download iclouds software to your computer, then download all pics from the internet icloud drive...

What a nightmarish waste of time.

Android > plug phone in > open phone drive on pc > Copy DCIM folder to computer.
DONE! ALL images now on PC...

KingPin381d ago

@sunny....what are you on about....installing software is simple and this is what apple is known for. simplicity.
maybe if you bought a macbook you wouldn't have all these issues as all the free software you need comes preinstalled as part of the purchase price making this overpriced macbook well worth the money because its now hassle free and its done by experts so you dont have to click next all the time. i mean come on....its all part of being part of this apple ecosystem that locks you in with services and apps you don't need but you can back up to the cloud. hassle free. its simple!!!!! sure, you could do it with android and google drive like android users claim but you dont get to see the cool apple logo on those pages do you. :P

micx382d ago

He's retired, he doesn't care anymore.