Good Range, Smart and Affordable, is new Nissan Leaf the future of electric cars?

At a special event on Tuesday Nissan showcased their new all-electric car the Nissan Leaf. The successor to one of the first production Electric vehicles has some impressive features that set it apart from the crowd. Is the New Nissan Leaf the future of electric cars?

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KingPin406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

you know, i get its the "car of the future" and all that but my god, why does the styling have to be so bad. same goes for the prius. is the design of the car forced to be that way because of the inner workings?

i mean if they made the prius look like a normal corolla or camry, i bet more people might have been interested in it.

level 360406d ago

First wave of more affordable cars that are worth checking out if your budget couldn't reach Tesla levels. Hyundai Ionic is another good bet.