Huawei is planning to take fast charging to a new level

Huawei's SuperCharge technology will take fast charging to a new level. The company has now partnered with TÜV Rheinland to certify it.

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Ibi1797d ago

I could really use this technology as I'm always in a hurry.

KingPin1795d ago

Huawei looks to be on a roll....overtaking apple in sales (not sure of thats globally or just here locally but still) and now they pushing their tech to go head to head with samsung by the looks of things. not to mention their devices arent over-priced as samsung galaxy S devices.

between huawei and xiaomi they gaining ground quick on the leaders. makes me wonder what HTC, LG and sony are busy doing all this time.

ajax171795d ago

But doesn't that damage the battery, though? I swear I heard that fast charging isn't good because it tends to overheat the battery.