Intel announced the ninth generation Ice Lake processors, already

Intel just surprised everyone by announcing its post 8th-generation processor lineup, the Intel Ice Lake processor family.

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freshslicepizza644d ago

Thanks AMD, you finally got their attention.

_Q_621d ago

While I appreciate what AMD is doing I'll likely go to the coffee lake. Performance and value is still key and a $200 7700K is gonna crush for gamers.

KingPin642d ago

haha AMD really kicked intel in the balls so hard they dont know if they coming or going.
they releasing almost everything they have and the price/performance isnt making any sense at this point.
not to mention they even releasing stuff that manufacturers arent supporting. X299 im looking at you.

AMD did a pretty great job of showing exactly how much intel have been screwing over consumers with their laziness without any real competition the past. im glad thats all changed now.