Is Atari Poised to Reshape the Console Gaming Market?

Over the last couple of months, retro gaming consoles industry has undergone a major revival. Console makers seem to put an extra effort into meeting the increasing demand for retro gaming merchandise that works well with contemporary titles.

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jbl316481d ago

No Way Jose. The Big Three are too dominant in my opinion. Nobody this generation knows or remembers Atari. I commend them for trying to break the status quo, but I just don't see them being successful unfortunately.

KingPin481d ago

well it isn't going to happen overnight or with one console imo.
they will have to pull an xbox move. sell the first one at a massive loss and come in stronger next generation. although in all honesty i dont think they will go head to head with PS and MS but more so with nintendo and i must say, if they have strong games line-up, they do stand a better chance,

ImGumbyDammit480d ago (Edited 480d ago )

Considering Atari has an over all value of $81 million dollars means they aren't the gaming giant they were in the 80's and early 90's. And no there is not a zero missing, they are worth $81 milliion. I would have a little more faith in this talk of transforming consoles if the were worth more but, they aren't . So I have little faith. They are worth less than Microsoft spends on lattes for the month or Sony's sushi bill at PSX. This means that they most definitely don't have a lot of capital to do anything of the sort that will be needed to be in a truely competitive system. Unlike Sony or Microsoft, they do not have the capital to make guaranteed contracts for large component deals (to help drive costs down - very important for consoles). No bank is going to loan twice your worth. Atari SA (the parent company) today is essentially a holding company for the brand. With very little technical talent left. They tried selling off their IP's in bankruptcy court a few years back and there were very few takers for anything (Roller Coaster Tycoon was sold off but little else). I doubt they have the money to do anything of the sort that would make this console of interest to the general consumer (beyond retro enthusiasts.) Making the console costs hundreds of millions (over a billion with the addition of the initial marketing and customer support) And not to mention if they plan on doing updated versions of any of their remaining IPs that is not cheap to do as well. This is not going to be some super sleek power console. Well, unless they have somebody else footing the bill and they are just slapping the name Atari on it. Maybe it will be a PC designed for gaming (like Alienware). PC gamers may be willing to spend out extra cash if they could play their PC games on a super styled gaming rig with an Atari label. But, a true console that will make Atari a competitor of the current big three is just not going to happen. If that is their plan, they will get crushed.

KingPin481d ago

its going to be hard with the likes of PS, Nintendo and xbox already covering the needs of various gamers out there. not saying its impossible but it wont be the easiest of tasks.
more competition in the market is always a positive for consumers.

Einhander1971480d ago

I hope so would love to see it :)
Legends return. With the ZX SPECTRUM NEXT coming next year it's all good 😊

ajax17480d ago

Yeah, I'd bet my life that they're not going to "reshape the console gaming market". I bet a majority of people under 20 have never heard of Atari. And that's the market they'll probably need to "reshape" things.

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