Microsoft Has Blocked Users From Updating

Last week it became apparent that Microsoft has blocked users from updating to the latest Windows creator update because their hardware was no longer supported. This will be unlikely to affect anybody with newer machines but it shows a concerning shift in the direction of Windows as a service. Instead of purchasing a new machine when the hardware begins to wear out users may be forced to purchase a new machine simply because Microsoft has decided their hardware is out of date.

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KingPin1043d ago

this is absolute rubbish move by MS.
so now even if you buy a machine thats windows 10 compatible, you dont know how compatible it is.
and even if your old chipset is capable of using windows 10 just fine with the fancy animations and the like disabled, MS gets to tell you that you cant use it like that anymore and force you to buy a new PC...seriously. how is this even allowed.

1043d ago
freshslicepizza1042d ago

They are still going to get security updates until 2023, but at what point can they introduce new features if you are using weak hardware (in this case those with Intel Clover Trail Atom Processors) that can impact all users?

KingPin1040d ago

so basically they creating the fragmentation they were hoping to break away from.

coz now you have a Lite version OS of sorts.
windows 10 Home LITE
windows 10 Pro LITE
its same like windows 10, only missing few new features.

Sahil1042d ago

Final nail in the coffin for some MS users, awful.