Net Neutrality - One of the most important issues of our generation you need to care about

Without Net Neutrality, the free and open internet could become a thing of the past.

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Axle_Grease2081d ago

I'm looking forward to its repeal. Sometime afterwards, when the mindless barking by its advocates dies down, I'm hoping people will focus on the real source of the problem in the U.S. that Net Neutrality does little to fix. The problem is the wheeling and dealing between local governments and corporates which end up locking out competitors. You wanna put a stop to it. I know it's not the step towards socialism that Democrats lust for, but you might as well try for a moral and just solution instead.

dcbronco2080d ago

That is more so the federal government. The law that divides the country into sections for telecoms is federal. The laws aimed at blocking municipal internet is sometimes state but is also a federal issue. But Net Neutrality is about far more than cheap access. It's more about the content we get.

Look at our current situation with over the air TV. Given away to a handful of manipulative trolls that work hand in hand with our government to keep us uninformed and oblivious to what is going on. We get none stop Trump/Russia but Bernie/DNC never happened let alone DNC/RNC debate commission fraud. That's where the vast majority of a population are registered independents but the extremely important debate commission has no independent representatives. The representatives of the two minor parties then conspired to make rules to exclude Indies from debates. While Indies are blocked from debates, Dems and Reps with even lower polling scores are allowed in national debates.

Net Neutrality is about corporate control of what we see and hear. It's what gets us the real housewives. And Britney Spears on the radio. And that is why we are cutting the cord and turning to the internet. Now they want to control that. Once again a handful of people in the government are giving away something that isn't theirs to give away. This is may be the last chance for their to actually be an "America".