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Bill Gates Made These 15 Predictions In 1999 — And It's Scary How Accurate He Was

In 1999, Bill Gates wrote a book titled "Business @ the Speed of Thought." In it, Gates made 15 bold predictions that at the time might have sounded outrageous. But as Markus Kirjonen, a business student, said on his blog, Gates' forecasts turned out to be eerily prescient. Here are the 15 predictions Gates made nearly 20 years ago — and how close they've come to being true.

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Babadook72335d ago

These are a bunch of lame, NOT astonishing predictions.

ravinash2331d ago

When you consider how he dropped the ball when the internet really kicked off and completely missed the mark with web browsers when they first came out.
Netscape had the market wrapped up and Microsoft had to use underhanded tactics to get Internet explorer out to everyone's PC by "incorporating" it into windows.

Retroman2335d ago

Gates part of Global Elite knew about it . just could not say anything about it.

kreate2335d ago

Half of these predictions are not really predictions as they were already present in 1999.

Eastern countries already had these. Western countries were just playing catch up.

It's like me in starcraft tournaments in Korea in 1998. Than in 1999 telling Americans e-sport is the future.

KingPin2334d ago

so if he could predict that this was indeed the future, why didnt he fund research into any of it...clearly MS would be the biggest tech company by far without doubt if they had all of this under one umbrella.

feedthereaper2334d ago

Last time I checked, Microsoft WAS the biggest tech company in the world. Only recently eclipsed by Apple. And he HAS invested in some of those theories, just not directly in the way that you are suggesting, but instead providing the technology for it and developing things that didn't quite work in that way but that would eventually be built by other companies more successfully using the similar principle.

KingPin2333d ago

thats my point....they were the biggest tech company but not by a lot.
if bill gates funded directly into these ideas, MS would be miles ahead of everyone else with no sign of being caught up. not even by the likes of google and Apple.

Inzo2334d ago

in the 1980 something he also said that people will never need more than a few MBs of hard drive space.

feedthereaper2334d ago

And he was completely correct on that. Most photos, videos, documents and programmes are either cloud hosted or web based...... Chromebooks rarely ever need to save anything to a hard drive and can be used for most peoples general computing.
Even movies and games that once were downloaded are moving to streaming now...... so in theory, no..... we don't actually need lots of hard drive space outside of the basic space required for an operating system. Yes, we are still in an era where the best usage of things does require you to have one, but theoretically it is very possible to get around using a hard drive at all on all computer tasks, including storing all your photos and videos!

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