Volvo Goes Full Green By Ditching Traditional Engines

Volvo has recently stated through a blog post on their official webpage that they want to go full-electric and offer only hybrid/Full Electric motors from 2019 onwards. Including but not limited to 5 electric in the 2021 Lineup. The company however, will still produce full-combustion versions of vehicles which will be gradually upgraded and tuned for performance. This means that they aim to produce the last bunch of combustion vehicles at 2025.

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level 3601915d ago

This Volvo doing the talking or it's Chinese owners?
Far too early to ditch combustion engines.

KingPin1915d ago

Volvos had one of the best engines in terms of reliability. if they completely ditch them it would be a loss to motoring.

boing11915d ago

Title couldn't be more clickbaity. They will produce combustion engines until 2025.

Sahil1914d ago

This is great. Exactly the initiative we need when the most powerful man is a climate-denial child.