YouTuber accidentally kills boyfriends during their quest for internet fame

A YouTuber is now out on bail after she accidentally shot and killed her boyfriend while they were filming a stunt video in a quest to get more views.

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Speed-Racer2346d ago

Don't do drugs, kids. Or at least use your common sense? Jeez. Sorry for their family though.

iofhua2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

I can't believe they didn't test beforehand to see if the Desert Eagle would penetrate a phone book.

* Or wear a bulletproof vest under his shirt.

2346d ago
KillZallthebeast2345d ago

Lol bullet proof vest won't stop a 50 cal close range. He was pretty much dead the moment they thought this was a good idea.

Gwiz2345d ago

IKR,a Desert Eagle.. poco loco

gamejediben2345d ago

Hell even if he was wearing level 5 body armor, at that range, it would shatter his ribs and cause massive internal hemorrhaging. 50 cal is practically artillery class.

Summons752345d ago

I can't believe they were stupid enough to think it could...

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Benchm4rk2346d ago

Jeez ho wabout test firing on the book against a wall to see if it stops the bullet first

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