Firefox 54 promises massive speed increase and less RAM usage with multi-process architecture

Firefox has introduced introduced a multi-process architecture, which promises a much better mix of speed and memory performance.

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Cobra951488d ago

The chief reason I still use FF over Chrome for random browsing in NoScript. I won't go into the wild without it. (I only use Chrome for specific trusted sites that benefit from it.) As long as that continues to work, I may give this update a shot sometime soon.

Babadook7488d ago

Great. Lets see if they catch up to the new Safari.

NarooN488d ago

Looking forward to it. Main reason I still use FF is because of some of the addons/extensions that either don't work or weren't ever ported to Chrome. And just laziness to migrate fully to Chrome lol.

annoyedgamer488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Please remove the political stuff from my start page I am almost ready switch to Brave. Its made by the former Mozilla CEO.

KingPin487d ago

glad they improved this. i might go back to FF. the main reason i left FF to start off with was the sluggishness compared to chrome/chromium based browsers.