Intel announced Core X line up and the new Core i9 processor

Today at Computex, Intel has announced the new lineup of desktop processors.

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Profchaos2380d ago

My first gen i7 from 09 still handles everything I throw at it so no need to upgrade however nice these look. But I think I'll wait for 2Nd gen releases and upgrade

annoyedgamer2379d ago

So does that mean the prices for the last 2 generations will decrease to something more reasonable?

KingPin2379d ago

that was quick. the kaby lake processors just launched in jan this year.

R6ex2379d ago

Still expensive like Hell!

IHS stil not soldered i.e. cheapo Colgate-like TIM (similar i7-7700K's overheating cause):

I'll wait for Ryzen 2 in early 2018.

fr0sty2379d ago

I'm loving my Ryzen7 1800x. As a workstation chip (video editing, cinema 4d, after effects) it's a beast.


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