Built in ad blocker to ship with Google Chrome

Alpahbet Inc’s Google is planning on introducing a built in ad blocker to the mobile and desktop versions of the Chrome web browser, according to the Wall Street Journal. The feature might be turned on by default within Chrome and would be designed to block any advertising deemed unacceptable by the Coalition for Better Ads.

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KingPin545d ago

about time...but nothing new. Opera has been doing it for a while now.

pressjudge545d ago

This is killing publishers

KingPin544d ago

true, but if they decided to put their ads in a respectable way maybe people wouldnt mind it so much.
but some sites are just full of constant pop-up ads and ads that overlap content you trying to read through. And then there are sites that hide malicious script in ads and using an adblocker is part of ones anti-virus methods to stay safe on the web.

however there are some sites that i visit often that i have unblocked. i realise that ads is one way of supporting a site so you cant have your adblocker on for every site you visit.

Speed-Racer544d ago

This is what chrome is planning to do actually, not block all ads outright.

Urist544d ago

I think that is exactly why Google are doing this, to stop publishers (and their own business model) being wiped out

KTF26544d ago

They make most of their money from Ads
There will be a white list for sure

They're just trying to block annoying ads and ads with malicious code so people stop using "Block Everything" Ad blockers

XXanderXX544d ago

How about just block all ads , seeing how they are more damaging than good , tired of trying to read an article but have to wait for ads to load up alongside of it ..