The Galaxy S8’s battery might not catch fire even if something bad happens to it

The Galaxy S8 is out in a few days, and the phone has been selling like crazy, which means that Samsung fans have already forgotten all about the nasty Galaxy Note 7 explosions that effectively killed the most attractive Android handset of the second half of 2016.

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-Mezzo-1285d ago

Despite all the reassurance's, it'll prove to be a hard task to make people forget the Note 7 fiasco.

KingPin1285d ago

hahaha sometimes i feel samsung fanboys are no better than apple ones.
regardless what happens they'll still buy the product. how many note 7 users you think will buy another samsung - chances are most if not all of them.

but to be fair, im sure samsung did more research and tried to rectify the issue in the next model. it would seem like the logical thing to do. i just hope they didnt put all their efforts into that one thing that you get other issues with the speakers, screen or signal etc etc.

Inzo1284d ago

So a guy who had this issue with his Note 7 goes out and buys another Samsung product, suddenly it makes him a Samsung fanboy who is no better than an Apple fanboy because he decided to give his product of choice another chance?........uh, ok.