​Google: Chrome is now loading pages up to 20 percent faster than a year ago

Google has done away with a benchmark that was encouraging Chrome's V8 developers to optimize for sites that most people don't visit.

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HermanHG1284d ago

There's definitely been a difference in loading times. I love Chrome so pleased about it not hogging as much of my memory as before

Muadiib1284d ago

It's been running really slow for me.

masterfox1284d ago

I slowly starting to stop using chrome, that browser sometimes creates ridiculous amounts of processes in the background even if you only have 1 tab open, also when you close the chrome browser some of them sometimes remain open in the task manager, also I know my internet connection provider is very crappy and always thought my internet was the reason why I always struggle to see 1080p videos on youtube in chrome, but at one time I tried Mozilla for the heck of it and freaking WOW!, I was able to see 1080p videos even at 60 fps without any lag and those were loading up instantly!, so yeah shame on me for not checking other browsers.

Before trying even other browsers I definitely tried to see whats going on with my Chrome browser and tried to put optimal settings, but that didn't work, I did some research and saw that others have performance issues too, I check even in one of those developers chrome forums and one chrome developer I think it wrote the following: "We are aware the of the current version of chrome issues and we hope to fix it in the near future", I was like what ?, and then he wrote: "Here why you don't download this beta version: Canary Chrome". I was ooook ?, I download that beta version and it definitely is alot better, much more faster and run all videos at 1080p and 60 fps when available, still I stopped using it cause I just can't keep risking my PC using a beta/test browser.