What Is A Hackintosh And How Do You Build One?

The Macintosh or Mac is undoubtedly the most iconic computer there is. Apple has been at the forefront of design and build quality when it comes to its computer products. Unfortunately, Apple is known to charge a steep premium on all of its Mac products, be it the MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, and the Mac Mini. What is worse, while there is no doubt at all that these products are made well, they are not the best in terms of performance. This is basically why there is a small niche in the market for Hackintosh machines that are basically a rough copy of a Mac.

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Zerg555d ago

Who builds this when you can use Apple?!

KingPin554d ago

the people who want hardware at reasonable prices and who refuse to get ripped off.

OT: personally its great for those who want to dual boot between windows and mac on same pc especially those on a tight budget.

554d ago