AMD Announces Ryzen 5 Processors; $169 Four-Cores And $219 Six-Cores; AMD Confirms 2+2 Alignment

We're still exploring the Ryzen 7 processors, but AMD is forging ahead quickly with its Ryzen 5 lineup. The new Ryzen 5 processors take aim at the heart of the market with 6-core and 4-core variants at competitive price points lining up against Intel's four-core i5 series. AMD has the core count advantage in its shockingly low price range, but it hasn't released many technical details. We do know that the processors will come to market on April 11, and AMD will release more details as review units begin shipping in a few weeks.

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KingPin1076d ago

AMDs pricing is just insane...and thats a good thing.
i thought with the low prices of Ryzen 7, AMD might have priced themselves out of the mid-lower range but these prices are just perfect. finally there will be a meaningful debate regarding price to performance once again which has been missing these few years. not to mention with regards to intel, there really wasnt any price to performance debate, we all knew pretty well off the bat where each processor would slot in.