A woman sleeping on an airplane was burned by her exploding headphones

A passenger on a February 19th flight from Beijing, China to Melbourne, Australia was burned when her headphones caught fire.

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-Mezzo-2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Damn, these stories are getting more common these days, definitely signs of a decline in built quality of products.

-Mezzo-2376d ago

I'll fill in for him,... This wouldn't have exploded if it was made by the Superior, Technologically 'Significantly' Advance Apple.

Nu2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

They reside inside Kerrigans womb.

OT: lol at that one guy who tried to light his shoes on fire, or also the underwear bomber.

KingPin2376d ago

Zerg is hiding, playing it safe until the brand of headphones is released.

doubt he would wanna down talk an apple product even if it is by mistake. :P

WelkinCole2376d ago

Jeepers. I really do hope she was not burnt badly.

NecotheSergal2376d ago

But what brand of headphones?... I'd giggle if it somehow were Samsung, since of the prior phone incidents.

KingPin2376d ago

doubt its samsung, but wouldnt be surprised if the batteries were manufactured by the same company that were making the batteries for samsung.

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